Project Description

Felt Water Grass

a new type of method for artificial maintenance and improvement of water quality. It is a treated carrier suitable for microbial growth.
Once placed in the water, it will immediately adsorb various aquatic organisms to its surface. Over time, the surface of the ecological base will adhere to the growth of microorganisms and algae.
These microorganisms and algae are mainly composed of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and metazoans, and play a key role in biological filtration and biotransformation of eutrophic water.

Microorganisms growing on the ecological base can absorb nutrients in water, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, etc., and decompose organic matter in water through their own metabolism, and convert these nutrients into carbon dioxide through different microbes, water and nitrogen, etc., thus capturing the nutrients needed for the growth of blue-green algae, preventing the growth of blue-green algae, and gradually improving the water quality.


Fluffy acupuncture structure, multi-layer composite, conducive to microbial parasitism, reproduction
Bio-coating for microbial fixation
High safety, no harm to animals, fish
Good stability, made of inert polymer material
Large specific surface area, 50,000 square meters per cubic meter, other materials can not match
Light weight, seaweed floating in the water, no blocking like other material
Used in combination with aeration, it can effectively reduce COD in water and reduce ammonia nitrogen in water.


Mainly used in landscape water maintenance, lake and river ecological restoration and maintenance.

MaterialSynthetic Fiber Felt
Nonwoven TechnicsNeedle-Punched and Compressed
ColorWhite, Green, Dark Green or Customized
Thickness5 mm, Customization Available
Density500 grams per square meter
Size0.8*1 m, 1*1 m, 1.2*2 m or Customized.
Free Sample3-5 days
Supply TypeMake-to-Order, OEM & ODM Available
Place of OriginNangong, Hebei, China
PackagingWaterproof woven bag, pp bag and carton or customized
Delivery TimeUsually in 7-20 days after receiving payment, depending on order quantity
NoteWe are a B2B international business type, and most of the Felt Products are customized available,
so we can't list all the specifications and styles, please just contact us for more details.
Water Treatment Felt Application
Needle Punched Non Woven Felt Processing Flow