Project Description

activated carbon felt

made of natural or man-made fiber by special techniques such as high temperature and catalysis.
Highly efficient adsorption material beyond granular activated carbon, containing highly developed microporous structure and rich organic functional groups, has good redox properties, and has excellent adsorption to organic and inorganic impurities in the gas phase and liquid phase.
It has good desorption and regeneration performance, can be reused.
High strength, low consumption, good filling, winding performance and equipment adaptability. Under the vibration, it will not produce loosening and over-compacting.


1. Large ACF adsorption
The adsorption amount of organic gas is several times to ten times larger than that of granular activated carbon (GAC).
The adsorption amount of inorganic substances, dyes, organic substances and precious metal ions in aqueous solution is 5-6 times higher than that of GAC.
It has excellent adsorption capacity for microorganisms and bacteria, and has excellent adsorption capacity for low-concentration adsorbate. For example, the adsorption capacity of PPM grade adsorbent is still high, while the adsorption capacity of GAC and other adsorbent materials is often reduced at low concentration.

2. Fast adsorption speed.
The adsorption rate of the gas is very fast, and the adsorption of the liquid can quickly reach the adsorption equilibrium, and the adsorption rate is ten to 100 times that of the GAC.

3. Easy to regenerate, fast desorption,
Completely desorbed at 120~150°C steam or hot air for 10~30 minutes

4. Good heat resistance,
In the inert gas, the high temperature is above 1000 °C, and the ignition point in the air is above 500 °C.

5. Acid and alkali resistance,
Has good electrical conductivity and chemical stability


1. Solvent recovery: adsorption and recovery of benzenes, ketones, esters and petroleum
2. Air purification: It can adsorb and purify the odor, smoke and poison gas O3, SO2, NOx, etc. in the air.
Can be used in rooms, kitchens and other contaminated indoor air purification. Especially the adsorption of volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in new buildings
3. Water purification: can remove heavy metal ions, cancerous substances, odor, musty, bacteria and bleaching in the water.
Can be used for treatment of tap water, food industry water and industrial pure water
4. Deodorizing daily necessities: for the deodorization of refrigerators, the preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, household water purifiers, cigarette filters, anti-virus and disease masks, insoles, health care shorts and other daily necessities
5. Environmental protection projects: waste gas and sewage treatment, closure and partitioning of radioactive sites, screen shielding of radiation equipment, etc.
6. Valuation or recovery of precious metals, adsorption of radioactive materials, can also be used as a catalyst carrier, stationary phase of gas chromatography
7. Applications in electronic energy, such as electrodes for manufacturing capacitors and batteries
8. High temperature and insulation materials

MaterialCarbon Fiber and Rayon Fiber
Nonwoven TechnicsNeedle-Punched
SSA (m2/g)BET800, BET1000, BET1300, BET1500, BET1800, BET2000~3000, > BET3000
Thickness1~14 mm, Customized Available
Weight50-600 grams per square meter
General Weight1mm (70±10 g/m2), 2mm (gsm 150±10 g/m2), 3mm (gsm 200±20 g/m2), 3-4mm (gsm 250±20 g/m2), 4-5mm (gsm 350±20 g/m2)
SizeCustomized Available. Width ≤ 2.4 m, Length as requested. Regularly 100 / 50 / 20 meters per roll
Supply TypeMake-to-Order, OEM & ODM Available
Place of OriginNangong, Hebei, China
PackagingWaterproof woven bag, pp bag and carton or customized
Delivery TimeUsually in 7-20 days after receiving payment, depending on order quantity
NoteWe are a B2B international business type, and most of the Felt Products are customized available,
so we can't list all the specifications and styles, please just contact us for more details.
Needle Punched Non Woven Felt Processing Flow